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The new, high-performance tire lubricant

A few years ago we were constantly being asked for a better lubricant for performance tires as well as a better truck tire lubricant.

We received plenty of input from our customers, telling us what they wanted as well as what they disliked about the products currently available. We addressed these concerns, and went back to our customers with product for testing. The result is what we believe is the best tire lubricant ever made.

  • Contains no petroleum.
  • Gel remains consistent to 50C, contains no animal fat, will not separate.
  • Will not freeze. (Below -30C)
  • Rust inhibitor added.
  • Contains no soap, will not promote rim slippage.
  • Leaves no wax residue on tire or rim, wipes off with ease.
  • Anti Microbial biocide added no mold, fermentation or odor.
  • Clings to bead, excellent for internal balancing compounds.
  • Dries slow enough in direct sunlight and high heat for out door truck & farm tire changing.
  • Performance tires mount easier and seat at a lower pressure, safer installation.
  • Seat truck tires evenly, improved Radial & Lateral runout.
  • Spreads evenly and very easily, unlike waxes.
  • Environmentally safe.
  • Safe for employees.
  • Compact container fits in side boxes.
  • Gel compound will not slop around in service truck.
  • No slippery mess around tire machine or dangerous spillage on floors.
  • Ideal for solid tire pressing.
  • No mess for in plant tire pressing.
  • Best applied with Tech #971 paste brush. or swab

For the material safety data sheet please click here.