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Tire Repairs

Max Tire Supplies is an authorized TECH distributor. As a TECH distributor we provide our customers with the best tire repair materials made. Tech has the tire repair materials to handle bicycle tire repairs all the way up to and including giant off road tires.

We are TECH certified instructors and offer our customers free in house nail hole training and certification.  We will supply our customers with training DVDís wall charts and repair manuals free of charge.

At the factory in Johnstown Ohio Tech have several training courses that include classroom and hands-on training.

As well as the finest tire repair materials available TECH also supplies us with all the hand tools needed to complete the job as well as quality lubricants tire valves and valve hardware.

Material Safety Data Sheets for all TECH products are available by code or description on the TECH web site. Please follow the link.

Be sure to check out Tech Tire Repairís online product catalogue by clicking below

What is a Proper Tire Repair?

Many countries throughout the world have published standards or recommendations for proper tire repairing. To ensure a proper tire repair:

Your tire should always be demounted from the wheel and inspected for damage or unsafe conditions, which might make the tire non-repairable.

The tire should then be repaired by removing the object that caused the damage, then drilling out the injury to remove all damage to the tire.

Based on the size of the injury, your tire repair specialist will then determine how the tire should be repaired. Typically, a "nail hole" injury is any injury 1/4" (6mm) or smaller in passenger tires. Injuries larger than 1/4" (6mm) are considered to be "section repairs" on passenger tires. Injuries larger than 3/8" (9mm) are considered section repairs on light truck and truck tires.

A proper tire repair procedure uses a vulcanizing rubber stem to fill the tire injury and the proper sized tire repair patch to reinforce the inner liner of the tire.

Can sidewall or shoulder injuries be repaired?

Tech's policy is most crown, shoulder and sidewall injuries can be repaired, depending on:

  • The location of the injury
  • The size of the injury
  • Type of tire and speed rating of the tire